Pathway To Wellness

                              Pathway To                Wellness


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  I find healing in nature for my  body  and  soul..
I love hiking in nature and especially in my backyard but the vines and the pine needles were taking over the forest floor.
I’m dreadfully fearful of snakes so I grabbed my hoe turned on some loud music and proceeded to clear out a nice pathway.
As I feverishly hoed at the vines and clearing the path I was reminded of what it has taken me to get to this point of my journey.
There were times I couldn’t imagine going outside and doing any kind of work. Pain can just suck the idea right of your your mind.
I have come a long way baby
I am here to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your health and wellness. 
I have done extensive product research on  supplements and ingredients used to formulate them. Some of my findings are shocking and will blow you away!
 I will share with you what I have found
In order for you to make wiser decisions concerning your health and wellness.
Join me in this journey of enlightenment to living your best life.
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