Support Groups Osteoporosis

I was shocked  to read a post by lady in our support group. She posted asking for advice  about morning and evening morphine dosage at stage 4 Osteoporosis.

Morphine.­čś│Morning and Nght.? This is heartbreaking.
 I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Osteoporosis.

 I had been dealing with pain in my left hip for many years as a result of a car accident. As the years went by the pain increased untill I found myself unable do everyday task. The pain was
excruciating.Depression followed close behind. I felt I was living an hopeless and painful life.I needed a support group.
After joining the support group, I was in desperate need of support.
I had been prescribed steroids, pain patches, common narcotics for pain
And I refused to accept that I would be like this for the rest of my life.
I started making small changes at first then gradually more and more of eating healthier foods and cutting out the carbs and sugar I began to notice a difference.

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