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 Health and wellness should be our top priorities.

Exploring an holistic and natural approach to overcome the  health problems I was experiencing saved my life. 

From surviving to thriving ,It’s a journey that I am so grateful to have discovered.
 I believe the basis for good health is a balanced lifestyle that includes mental, physical  as well as spiritual needs.
This balance is the springboard for which we can achieve ultimate results and transform our minds and  our bodies into an optimal state that God intended.
To live a healthy and happy life, We must get back to our roots.
  My personal journey in health and wellness began over 20 years ago. I was in so much pain I literally sat at the top of the stairs and cried because I could not get down. The pain was excruciating and I was depressed. I felt like giving up.
I was diagnosed with stage 4 osteoporosis suffering from Chronic pain,depression , anxiety and PTSD. Along with numerous other autoimmune disorders.
The endless trips to the doctors, the medications and  side effects were life draining to say the least. The pain was making me miserable most of the time.
  Since then I’ve seen numerous doctors and researched extensively to ease my symptoms and try to get some relief. I went down rabbit hole after rabbit hole and tried every diet under the sun. Nothing worked. I was exhausted, frustrated and ready to give up.
But in the past 2 years Ive had an amazing  change and transformation of all the  pain and stiffness symptoms I was having. My depression has lifted. I have more energy and feel fantastic.
 My mental health and spiritual life improved as well and I would like to share with you what I did to become pain free without medication and living my best life feeling great.

Today I am totally transformed. All the pain and depression are gone and I feel great!

  I must share my story and hope to inspire others. It is heartbreaking to see how many people are struggling with health issues only to find it’s a downhill battle. Because of you, Wellness Journey 360° was founded.
Now I am living my best life and you can too!
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